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This is a closed community. It was made for members from a message board, who wished to include their posting activities onto livejournal as well. Therefore, membership is limited to those who also possess an account on http://www.candykids.net. To obtain membership to the community, please send a private message to OntheLOVEbus. Pending approval, you will be sent a confirmation email from the staff at Livejournal with instructions, and a link to a page where you can join the community. No exceptions. Private messages from the site are used to validate your membership to the forums as well.


Currently this community has three maintainers:

Kirstin, </a></b></a>youcantfindme,OntheLOVEbus

Jordan, </a></b></a>so_broken_, kamikaze.kills

Roxy, </a></b></a>amiaana, amiaana

Jade, </a></b></a>liljadedstar,liljadedstar

We are here mainly to make sure you guys LJ cut and dont post pictures of yourselves shooting up at a party. When updating the community journal, make sure you go to the full version of the journal page. Underneath the entry should be several options, including which journal you want to post in. Use the pull down box to select 'Candykidsdotnet'. You can edit a post by clicking on the comments link, and finding the little icon with the pencil on it. Going to that page will allow you to make changes to an entry you posted in the community.

I could give two shits what you post in this journal, but there are some small rules. Please check out the Terms of Service from livejournal, and pay careful attention to the 'Journal Content' and 'Member Conduct' sections. I am in no way going to impose any censorship on this journal, just keep it legal people.

Unlike CK, maintainers here do not have the power to edit posts, nor would we do so without asking you to make your own changes first. With that said, please don't abuse it. I'm trying to not encourage personal attacks here, you all seem mature enough to handle your shit outside of the public eye.

Also, just to minimize clutter, LJ-cut your picture posts if there are more than two photos. Some of us are on dialup [not me, I grew out of the stone age a couple of years ago] and I'm sure they will be thankful.