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Well, Roxy wants people to post in here... so here is my lame attempt at trying to brighten this community up. I swear.. the boards are dead too. We need to go all guerilla warfare on em and take em back to the people they belong too.

Anyone down? :P

So whats everyone's next party? Theres a free desert party here on the 19th, then the sunday next there is a free day party [Kid Krazzy will be spinning as well as a ton of really amazing San Diego locals].

If anyone is down for it we could all cruise to the desert party, leave a little early and crash at my house... then head out to the park for some dancing under the sun and picnicing. Booze, sandwhiches and ck kids, sounds like a plan yea?

I doubt that anyone will drive down even though us san diegans always drive up to LA parties :P

Well... thats my post.
Hope to see some of you soon.

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